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Mobile App Development, DevOps and Cloud Solutions

Our focus is always on consistently exceeding our Customers expectations by providing flexible,
high quality IT solutions on time, every time, at the right price!



We offer a software portfolio, which is both deep and broad in its capabilities to solve real world business needs.

Target2Customer Mobile Application

Target2Customer Web Application

Invoice2Customer Mobile Application

Invoice2 Customer Web Application

We've built some intense high-quality result oriented software applications


Our focus is always on consistently exceeding our Customers expectations by providing flexible, high quality IT solutions

Flexible Project Model

Santriya has a valuable presence in the global Information Technology (IT) services, offering a full range of IT solutions and support through outstanding companies with special expertise.

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Mobile App Development

Santriya's experienced team of app developers for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, work with organisations to produce applications for the mobile workspace

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HR Services

Today, organisations are looking at every possible avenue to reduce costs and, increase efficiency and their business value. The human resource (HR) department is not immune to this trend.

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Open Source Development

Open Source Software (OSS) continues to be the most viable and leading levers for cost optimisation. The overall adoption trends and economics around OSS confirm that this technology is making

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Enterprise Services

In today's environment where information is to be distributed anywhere-anytime and more importantly at a single point, Enterprise applications have become an integral part in industry of every firm.

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E-Commerce Solutions

We offer comprehensive e-commerce development services to various businesses which help them offer their products and services on the Internet giving them global reach in the digital marketplace.

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Devops and Cloud Solutions

We build SaaS based applications for organizations that want to sell could based services. We also build applications / migrate applications to the cloud with Agile transformation and Automation testing with a DevOps Strategy.

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Automation Testing

Customers need faster dependable continous deployments which can only be supported by automation testing. Consultation and implementation of your Automation testing strategy in Onpremise and Cloud.

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Digital Transformation

Santriya Technologies helps companies in their digital transformation. We consult and help businesses in their transformation of people, processes and technology to newer technology platforms.

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Mobile Application Development

Santriya Technologies in UK, India have expert mobile application developers to build mobile native apps in local, remote, various geographic locations based on the customer's requirements. We build native apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Our expereienced team of application works with various organizations to produce applications that are innovative, effective and easy-to-use, delivered on-time and on-budget.

Our Mobile App Development services includes

  • Business app services for iOS, Android and Windows
  • Mobile App Development for Idea
  • Enterprise Mobile Applications Services
  • Consumer Applications Services
  • Productivity apps, utilities and solutions
  • Entertainment and Leisure applications
  • Financial and Payment transferring applications
  • Business applications for planning and management
  • Music, videos and educational applications
  • Medical and fitness applications
  • Social networking and blogging applications